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May 18, 2011
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Title: Little Red Riding Prime
Pairing: Knock Out/Optimus/Breakdown; Megatron/Optimus/Soundwave; Knock Out/Breakdown/Optimus/Megatron/Soundwave
Rating for cut version: PG-13
Warnings for cut version: anthro, AU, crack!, cross-dressing, slash
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Based on a couple of peanutchan's drawings.
I added Breakdown, Megatron, and Soundwave because Optimus getting ganged up on by four horny wolves instead of just one appeals to my inner pervert.

It was a beautiful sunny day when Optimus left his home in a quaint village, venturing out into the woods while carrying a basket of energon goodies he intended to deliver to his grandmother. She lived in a cottage past the dense woods near the outskirts of another village, and despite the numerous warnings he received from the villagers about wolves and the pleading to use the main road instead, he always ignored them and headed into the forest. The main road took too long to travel, and following a path in the woods was much quicker. He never had any problems with wolves in the past, and being such a tall and strong mech, he figured he could handle himself. He could only assume that the villagers viewed him as dainty and helpless because of the way he dressed. A long crimson cape, with a hood, was draped over his shoulders and flowed down to his pedes, and was tied with an elegant white ribbon. Silk, alabaster gloves covered his fingers, and the fabric wove up and over his elbows. His chassis was covered with a corset, a lighter shade of red, and held together with silk laces. A short, frilly skirt, matching the color of his corset with white lace frills, hung from his waist and covered a small portion of his thighs. White lace panties covered his groin and aft with matching garter belts that connected to his white stockings. Just because he chose an elegant form of clothing didn't mean he was a weakling, and he couldn't help but scoff as the villagers continued to yell out warnings to him as he disappeared into the thick woods.

While walking down the wide dirt path, he gazed up at the treetops and smiled as numerous birds sang under the morning sun. He stopped halfway down the path when the birds suddenly fell silent. This usually meant a predator was nearby, and although this had happened numerous times on his past walks, it always unnerved him. He continued walking while vigilantly looking around, only stopping when he came to a fork in the middle of the path. The right path was the quickest route, and the left was the longer one. He usually took the longer route because of the scenic beauty. Several streams ran along the path which led to a wide river with a bridge crossing over it and a waterfall spilling into a large pond. He often enjoyed stopping along the bridge and dipping his pedes into the crystal clear water, but with the birds still silent, he decided that the quickest path to his grandmother's cottage would be the best option. Just as he was about to turn right, he heard a loud rustling coming from some thick bushes, and he staggered back with a startled gasp as a wolf jumped out and onto the path. The wolf was shorter than him, had crimson optics and white faceplates, thick red fur, sharp claws and pedes, and a long, bushy tail that swished back and forth. The wolf's ears were long and pointed upward, twitching slightly while gazing him over with a predatory grin.

"Hey there…Little Red Riding Prime," the wolf sang while sauntering toward him. "You sure are looking good."

The wolf's claws reached out and grasped a portion of his skirt, trying to hike up the material and get a glimpse of his panties, causing him to dart back with an agitated growl. He whipped his basket at the wolf's helm, but the wolf jumped back with a husky chuckle.

"How do you know who I am?" Optimus growled.

"I've watched you travel through these woods many times to get to your grandmother's cottage," the wolf answered.

"You've been following me?" Optimus gasped.

"I only had your welfare in mind," the wolf replied. "The woods can be a dangerous place, especially for a pretty young thing like you. There are so many predators out here that would just love to…eat you up." He bowed before Optimus. "My name is Knock Out, and I would be honored to escort you the rest of the way."

Optimus snorted, "How kind of you. However, I must refuse. I can take care of myself."

"I insist," Knock Out pressured, jumping in front of Optimus and blocking the larger mech's path.

Optimus huffed in annoyance. He was suspicious of Knock Out's intentions, and he wasn't about to let the wolf escort him. Getting past Knock Out wasn't going to be easy either, and he would probably have to resort to violence, which he didn't want to happen. With Knock Out still blocking the right path, he turned away and proceeded to walk along the left path. Glancing back, he found that Knock Out was still watching him, but the wolf didn't follow after him. As Knock Out disappeared from view, he let out a sigh of relief and relaxed.

A few miles down, he noticed Knock Out was standing along the path edge, and his shoulders sagged a bit as he groaned in disbelief. Trying to keep himself collected, he walked on by as Knock Out held out a vibrant red rose, turning his helm away with a snort as the wolf tried to hand it to him. He continued walking along the path, and again, a few miles down, Knock Out was waiting for him, this time holding twelve more red roses. Yet again, he refused the flowers and continued walking on. The third time he spotted Knock Out, the wolf was holding twelve roses with dozens of lilies surrounding them. He refused the flowers again and walked on by, feeling a little guilty with the wolf's defeated expression. His shook his helm and tried to clear those thoughts away. He shouldn't have been feeling sorry for a wolf that obviously just wanted to get under his panties. Six more times, he walked past Knock Out and the growing bouquet of flowers. On the tenth time, he did stop, optics widening at the sight of Knock Out kneeling on the path, arms full of flowers, some of which were dropping to the ground from the wolf's strained grip.

"Those…are beautiful," Optimus admitted. "I suppose…I could take some…but only because my grandmother would love them."

Missing the wicked smirk on Knock Out's face, Optimus grabbed an armful of flowers, back turning as he struggled to keep the flowers from dropping. Letting the remaining flowers fall from his arms, Knock Out lunged forward and grabbed Optimus. Unprepared for the sneak attack, Optimus cried out and swung his arms, flying flowers flooding his vision as he was carried off into the woods. He gazed up at Knock Out in shock as the wolf effortlessly held him while running, one claw grasping his back while the other clung to his thighs. He never imagined such a small wolf could be so strong, and although he was fairly certain he could hold his own in a fight with the wolf, he was scared of striking out. With so many trees whipping around them, it would be easy to accidentally strike one, and the impact could break an arm or leg, and he couldn't afford to be helpless now. Panic raced through his processor as the path vanished from view.

"Release me!" Optimus yelled.

His order went unheeded, and only when a small clearing popped up did Knock Out finally stop. He was about to yell again, but Knock Out's lips suddenly slammed over his mouth, effectively silencing him. He froze in shock as Knock Out hungrily kissed him, glossa swiping over his lips and sharp fangs playfully nipping him. Knock Out's claws firmly grasped his face, holding him place as the kiss became more frenzied, tail weaving around his back to keep him pressed tightly to the wolf. Never had he experienced such a passionate kiss, and he found himself hypnotized, parting his lips to allow Knock Out's glossa entrance, mewling as it swiped inside. His servos drifted over Knock Out's soft, furry shoulders, up the wolf's neck and face, and finally stopping at pointy ears. Knock Out growled into his mouth and shuddered as he gently massaged the wolf's sensitive ears. When his pedes abruptly touched the ground, he snapped out of the lustful trance and yanked both ears hard, causing Knock Out to howl and tumble back in pain. He rolled backwards and stood, ready to fight should the wolf lunge for him, but Knock Out remained hunched over the ground, frantically rubbing both ears.

"O--Ow…that was so mean, gorgeous," Knock Out muttered, gazing over at Optimus with a pout.

"And tricking me wasn't?" Optimus growled.

"I had to figure out a way to get you to pay attention to me," Knock Out shrugged while standing back up. "Don't be scared. I won't hurt you."

"Stay away from me," Optimus warned. "I won't hesitate in defending myself, even if it means that I have to inflict heavy damage."

Knock Out backed off while holding his claws up in submission. "Easy. I'm not going to force you to do anything."

Optimus huffed, straightened his skirt, and headed toward the edge of the clearing. He stopped before entering the woods when he realized he had no idea where he was or how to get back to the path. Being roughly carried through the thick forest had left him disoriented.

"Something wrong?" Knock Out chuckled.

Optimus glared back at Knock Out and then gazed back at the trees.

"You seem…lost," Knock Out snickered. "I could show you the way back…for a price…or you could just try to find your way back yourself while running the risk of getting even more…lost. There are other wolves in this forest, and they aren't as nice as I am."

Knowing he didn't have any other option, Optimus sighed, "What is your price?"

Knock Out inched closer, tracing a claw along Optimus' cape. "Spend a little time with me. I promise to lead you back to your grandmother's house before nightfall."

Optimus squeezed his optics shut. "I'm guessing when you say…spend a little time with you…you aren't interested in just…chatting."

Knock Out laughed, "No…but I would like to get to know you better…by exploring that hot body of yours. I promise to be gentle."

"I'm not stainless," Optimus blurted out.

In the past, Optimus had several lovers, so he wasn't inexperienced when it came to interfacing. Maybe Knock Out would lose interest in him now that he wasn't a virgin and leave him in peace.

"I'm glad," Knock Out murmured, causing Optimus to gasp as he pushed aside the cape and fondled the larger mech's skirt covered aft. "When I plunge my cable into that cute aft of yours you'll only feel pleasure."

Optimus' cheeks blazed in embarrassment, but before he could retort, Knock Out was kissing him again. This time, Knock Out was gentle and less aggressive, tenderly stroking his waist and playing with the laces of his corset while the wolf also played with his lips using a warm, wriggling glossa. Basket dropping to the ground, he willingly parted his lips and thrust his glossa out to meet Knock Out's glossa, moaning as their glossa met in a sensual dance. He hoped that his sudden eagerness would arouse Knock Out and hopefully get this act over with as soon as possible so he wouldn't be late getting to his grandmother's cottage. He just wished he didn't feel so dirty for enjoying the kiss and moaning so wantonly as Knock Out's claws slipped under his corset and fondled his sensitive headlights. When Knock Out finally broke the kiss, he was left panting, glazed azure optics staring into the wolf's glazed crimson optics, trembling as the wolf's claws slipped out from his corset and lifted up to gently trace over his flushed cheek.

"You're so beautiful," Knock Out cooed. "I want to taste other parts of your delicious body."

Gently eased back to the ground, laying out on his spread cape, Optimus quivered as Knock Out lifted his legs, exposing his panty covered groin and nuzzling his thighs. He watched with half lidded optics as Knock Out playfully nipped and tugged on one of his stockings before lapping at the exposed metal of his thigh. The slick, ticklish sensation made him squirm and gasp, servos fisting in his silk cape as Knock Out's glossa trailed up toward his groin. Sharp claws dipping underneath his panties and pushing the fabric aside made him jolt, and he cried out when Knock Out kissed the plating covering his interface array.

"I won't bite," Knock Out chuckled while lapping Optimus' warm groin.

(Rest of fic too mature for DA. Follow the link if you want to read more. Link leads to adult material.)…
Based on several of :iconpeanutchan: pictures.
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