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April 23, 2010
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Title: Cheering Up a Prime
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Optimus/Bumblebee
Warnings: angst, fluff, slash
Summary: Optimus has been suffering from stress, and Bumblebee wants the Prime to relax. He has a few methods that might work.
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Written for CadaverousPallor. Wanted a fic based off this pic. You need an account to be able to view it.…

Bumblebee grumbled as he sulked in the corner of the warehouse, optics fixed on Optimus sitting on a couch a few feet away. While the others were attending a carnival with Sari, he was stuck at the base for setting off a few paint bombs in Ratchet's medbay. Optimus was livid, and he had chewed Bumblebee out worse than Ratchet. The harshness of Optimus' words had taken Bumblebee by surprise. He didn't understand what the big deal was. It was just a harmless prank, but ever since Megatron reappeared, Optimus was prone to snapping over little things. Optimus was stressed. Very stressed. He missed the kind and sweet natured personality of the Prime. Only one thought, a very naughty thought, came to his processor about how to relax Optimus, but it could quickly backfire. He was willing to take the risk.

"Optimus?" Bumblebee called out.

Optimus remained still and didn't answer.

Rolling his optics, Bumblebee stood from his corner and walked to where Optimus was sitting, gazing into the larger mech's faceplates. The Prime's optics were dimmed, lips curled in a sneer, pede tapping impatiently on the floor.

"Optimus…please…talk to me?" Bumblebee pleaded. "I apologized to Ratchet and cleaned up the mess. Why are you still mad?"

Optimus continued to ignore him.

Pouting, Bumblebee climbed into the Prime's lap, causing Optimus to gasp and go rigid. His optics flew open, gazing at Bumblebee in shock as the speedster gave him a sly grin.

Bumblebee nuzzled his cheek into Optimus' chin. "I can't stand it when you're mad at me. Please…forgive me?"

Optimus' cheeks heated when Bumblebee's glossa traced over his chin. "A--All right…B--Bumblebee apology a--accepted…just get off---"

"No, no," Bumblebee interrupted. "I'm not leaving your side. Not yet. Not until you're more…relaxed."

Optimus' optics grew bigger as Bumblebee sucked the tip of his chin, glossa darting out in quick swipes, dentals gently grazing over him. Bumblebee's servos lifted, gliding over Optimus' chassis,  fingers toying with the glass on his windshield, hissing as the digits dove beneath a few seams, plucking sensitive wires.

"Optimus…my Optimus," Bumblebee cooed, tenderly kissing the Prime's jaw.

A sudden burst of heat overtook Optimus' spark when Bumblebee's lips pressed against his own, instinctively parting his lips when he felt the speedster's glossa. A faint taste of energon spread over his glossa and something sweeter, something that was probably Bumblebee's unique flavor, made his pelvic armor tighten. So many lewd thoughts entered Optimus' processor, thoughts that caused him to scream in panic. He shot up from the couch, and Bumblebee fell from his lap, yelping when his aft struck the floor.

"Optimus…what--" Bumblebee began, giving the Prime a puzzled look.

Whatever Optimus planned on saying came out in an unintelligible stutter, and he ran from the room, heading straight for his private quarters.

Bumblebee's optics lowered to the floor as he let out a sad sigh. "Nothing ever goes right for me."

Standing back up and rubbing his aft, Bumblebee stormed over to Optimus' room, not surprised that the door wouldn't budge when he approached it. He pounded his fist on the door, snarling in frustration when he received no answer. He was sick of the silent treatment.

"Optimus! I know you're in there!" Bumblebee yelled. "Open this door or I'll find a way to break in! You're not hiding from me slag it!"

He was about to slam his fist into the door when it suddenly opened, causing him to lose balance and stumble into Optimus, face shoving into the lower part of Prime's chassis. He winced as Optimus grabbed him by the shoulders, fingers digging into his armor, holding him still. The glare Optimus was giving him made him shift uncomfortably, trying to wiggle free of the Prime's hold, biting his lip as he looked away. The grip on his shoulders tightened, and he whimpered in pain as Optimus gave him a firm shake, forcing him to look back into the Prime's angry face.

"Do you think it's funny?" Optimus snarled in a low tone.

"W--What are you talking about?" Bumblebee muttered.

"Do you think I'm stupid?!" Optimus spat, giving Bumblebee another hard shake. "I know you're playing another prank!" He released one of Bumblebee's shoulders and snagged the speedster's jaw in his servo, forcing them to keep optic contact. "What kind of bot gets a thrill toying with another bot's feelings?!"

Bumblebee stammered, "I--I wasn't playing a prank! D--Do you really think that I'd be so cruel?"

Optimus snorted, "Then why did you kiss me?! Why?!"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Bumblebee shouted, tears stinging his optics.

Optimus loosened his grip on Bumblebee, kneeling to the floor and cupping the speedster's hot cheek. "…Why?"

"Why?! Why?!" Bumblebee snapped, shoving Optimus' servo away. "Because I fell in love with you during our space bridge repair days! I fell in love with your laugh! I fell in love with your smile! You…looked out for me…treated me as an equal…no other bot in command…ever treated me with such kindness! Everything…about you…I love!" He sniffled as he spun around, unable to keep looking the Prime in the optics. "After Megatron resurfaced…you changed…sad…crabby. I thought…a few jokes around the base would change your mood. I just…wanted to make you laugh…make you smile again…but I failed…obviously. I thought a kiss…would cheer you up. I wanted…you to be happy again…to feel loved...but obviously I failed yet again. I seem to have a habit…of screwing things up…"

He flinched when Optimus' servo touched his servo, and he tried to pull away, but the Prime's other arm curled around his waist. He grew still when Optimus' lips touched his cheek in a soft kiss.

"No…Bumblebee…you haven't screwed anything up," Optimus reassured, gently turning the speedster back around. "I'm grateful…so grateful…that you would go to such lengths just to cheer me up."

"O--Oh…so that's it then," Bumblebee sighed, optics downcast.

"I'm also grateful…that you could love me," Optimus chuckled, brushing his thumb over Bumblebee's lips. "Primus knows I don't deserve it…especially after the way I've been acting." He felt his spark swell when Bumblebee smiled. "I love you too…but I never thought…you would share my feelings. You're so…beautiful…Bee…do you really want me?"

"I think that answer should be obvious," Bumblebee laughed, wrapping his arms around Optimus' neck in a tight hug.

"What…do you want to do?" Optimus asked.

"I want you to take me to your berth," Bumblebee replied. "I think…we've both waited long enough."

Using one servo to cup Bumblebee's aft, Optimus stood and lifted the speedster up, smirking when the yellow mech squeaked. Tenderly, he pressed his mouth to Bumblebee's lips in a sensual kiss as he carried the speedster into his room. Bumblebee mewled and shivered as the kiss deepened, tightly clutching Optimus as the Prime sat down on the berth. He whined in disappointment when Optimus pulled away, but that whine quickly turned into a shocked cry as the Prime's lips and glossa trailed down his chassis and to his abdomen. Both areas were very sensitive, and he shrieked in pleasure as his windshield was playfully nipped and licked, nearly toppling back from the berth. Optimus caught Bumblebee, one servo grabbing his thigh while the other cupped his firm aft, squeezing the supple metal.

"O--Optimus!" Bumblebee cried out.

(Rest of fic too mature for DA. Follow link in artist's comments section if you want to read more.)
Written for :iconcadaverouspallor:

Uncut version.
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ChimirashaReinhold Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Wow, great job. Totally not blushing after reading the full version... ok, maybe a little... or a lot~
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I also read the full version and it was hot;) Very well done;) awesome job;)  great to read at nite when I'm by myself in my room;)  
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Noooo no no DX aw...that was to epic of epic ness of optimus and bed aww....
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I read the full vesion, god that was hot i would read again but i would proable need tissues with me to wipe my bloody nose.

Brillent, well wirttin
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Thank you. :D
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lightning-lyric Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
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GeminiGirl83 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
I could send you a note with the link if you want.
lightning-lyric Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
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