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March 15, 2012
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Title: Drunk Playtime
Pairing: Heatwave/Blades/Boulder/Chase
Rating for cut version: R
Warnings for cut version: crack!, kink, slash, tentacles
Disclaimer: I do not own Rescue Bots characters. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Sequel to this.

For once in a long time, Heatwave felt excited. The human family he been tasked to help and protect had left on a three day vacation to visit relatives on the mainland. It was decided that it would be too much of a hassle, along with a high risk of exposure to their true nature, to take them to the city. Big robots wouldn't fit in well in a crowded city, and while the family was away, they had to stay inside the base. He didn't mind this. It would be nice to just spend time with his team and not have to act like a mindless slave in front of the human residents on the island. It also gave him an opportunity to be intimate with Blades, something he hadn't been able to do since he first interfaced with the copter over three weeks ago. The lack of blissful, physical contact with Blades was driving him crazy. There were many times he wanted to shove Blades to the floor and frag the copter senseless no matter who was present in the room, even the humans. He chuckled every time he thought of how his obnoxious partner, Kade, would react, probably hysterically scream or even faint. All he could do was steal a kiss or sneak a grope when none of the humans were looking. These actions didn't shock Chase or Boulder. Both were aware of what had taken place between Blades and him. The scent of their first coupling had been strong. He even caught Chase or Boulder doing the same with Blades, kissing in a corner or fondling the copter's aft. He was surprised to not feel jealousy but lust instead. The thought of sharing Blades with Chase and Boulder, all of them taking turns bringing the copter sweet release, was very arousing, but he was too nervous to ask for a foursome. Blades was shy, and asking for that would probably give the copter a spark attack.

Now, he was sitting with his teammates aboard their ship tucked safely in a hangar, drinking premium oil and quickly becoming tipsy from the rich fluid. Blades was the worst at handling oil, all ready drunk from drinking half of an oil barrel. He watched with glazed optics as Blades staggered up and dropped the oil barrel, leaning over to sloppily kiss Chase. He expected Chase to tense up and try to break free due to having an audience, but the police bot eagerly kissed back while groping the copter's aft. Eventually pulling away, Blades turned to Boulder and passionately kissed the bulldozer, glossa thrusting into the green bot's gasping mouth. Blades' lust then turned to him, groaning when the copter abruptly tumbled into his lap while Boulder and Chase watched with amused expressions.

"You're drunk," Heatwave chuckled while Blades kissed his neck. "This might not be such a good idea. You're getting all of us excited."

"I know what I'm doing," Blades laughed. "Hmm…I feel brave enough to do something…mmm…"

Heatwave blinked when Blades fell silent. "Do what?"

Blades stood up and cooed, "Just wait."

While Blades staggered out of the room, Chase and Boulder sat in silence while he drank more oil from his barrel. Several minutes passed, followed by noises of objects falling and hitting the floor, before Blades returned, holding a beige sphere.

"What's that?" Boulder asked while trying to get a better look at the object.

"It appears to be a toy ball," Chase stated. "Why do you have a toy ball?"

"It's no ordinary ball…but it is a toy," Blades chuckled. He gazed over at Heatwave as he stroked the sphere. "Remember that toy I told you about?"

Heatwave's optics widened. He had been expecting a vibrator, not some weird sphere, although it did seem oddly familiar to him. He didn't understand how the sphere was an interface toy. Even Boulder and Chase looked confused. When Blades pressed a finger on top of the sphere, silver tentacles sprang out, causing Boulder to tumble out of his chair in fright and Chase to bolt upright in a defensive posture. Now Heatwave understood why the object seemed familiar. He had seen plenty of those objects used in raunchy datapads and movies he had seen back on Cybertron in his earlier days. He was shocked that Blades actually owned one.

Blades laughed, "Don't be scared. It's not going to hurt you or me. I all ready have it programmed."

"Programmed?" Chase asked while gradually relaxing.

"Just watch," Blades said with a wide grin.

(Rest of fic too mature for DA. Follow link if you want to read more. Link leads to adult material.)…
More Rescue Bots porn! :iconkermityayplz:
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Heatwave: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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